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Robbie Reeman
Civil Marriage Celebrant

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Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a celebration of a life commitment to one another and celebrates one of life’s greatest achievements. For that reason it is important to accurately reflect the couple’s life journey through a unique ceremony.

The most common reason for a Renewal of Vows Ceremony is to re-affirm the marriage on the occasion of an anniversary.

It is a meaningful ceremony which can be enjoyed by you, your children and your friends.

The Renewal of Vows ceremony can include many of the traditional elements of a marriage ceremony but it must be clear that it is renewal, not a marriage.

The ceremony can be as personal and creative as you like; its intention is to completely reflect who you are.

You may choose for example to exchange your original wedding rings in a ring ceremony or walk down the “aisle” to your favourite song or ask members of your original wedding party to stand with you as you re–affirm your love and pledge your dedication to each other.

The structure for a Renewal of Vows ceremony is very flexible, as is the venue, and it may flow something like this

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Acknowledgement of any children of the marriage
  3. Reading Renewal of Vows
  4. Re-dedication of rings
  5. Giving and receiving of new rings or gifts
  6. Words from previous wedding guests (often a member of the original bridal party)
  7. Reading, verse, poem or prayer
  8. Dedication
  9. Signing of certificate
  10. Presentation of certificate

A keepsake certificate is signed during the ceremony by the couple and two witnesses following the tradition of a wedding ceremony.

A Renewal of Vows ceremony is a very emotional, sentimental and meaningful ceremony.

I look forward to the opportunity to celebrate this very special milestone with you as you renew your love, friendship and ongoing commitment to each other.