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Robbie Reeman
Civil Marriage Celebrant

Tel: (07) 3886 5779
Fax: (07) 3886 5779
Mobile: 0403 821 178

Member of the Professional
Celebrants' Association


Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment ceremonies are a meaningful and dignified ceremony for adult couples.

The ceremony is often very similar to that of a wedding, however rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is simply a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another.

A commitment ceremony is an opportunity to gather friends and loved ones to celebrate a couple’s relationship and create a ritual to mark their day of the commitment.

The content and style of every commitment ceremony will be different and developed around the needs of the individual couple. This way the ceremony contents are intimate and of personal choice and they will reflect the expression of love and commitment of the couple.

Your ceremony can be as traditional and formal or as relaxed and unstructured as you wish. You may include readings, poems or religious elements such as prayer.

The following elements could be used in planning a commitment ceremony

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Declaration through exchange of vows
  3. Readings, poems, verse or prayer
  4. Exchange of rings or gifts
  5. Pronouncement of Commitment
  6. Signing of certificate
  7. Presentation of certificate

A keepsake certificate is signed by the couple during the ceremony.

Civil celebrant commitment ceremonies offer the couple an individual experience and the opportunity to publicly proclaim their commitment to each other and the pride in having that love.

I would love to meet with you soon and celebrate your unification as a couple.

"This bonding of spirit will enhance your individuality; creating as it will an atmosphere of absolute trust in your committed union." - Author unknown